Swimming and Sunsets

Bohol Day 2

Water baby


One of my favourite parts of staying at a hotel is the buffet breakfast and Henann Resort truly delivered. We enjoyed our meal with a water view at Sea Breeze Beach Club situated right on the shores of Alona Beach. Aside from my favourite Filipino breakfast which consisted of sinangag (garlic fried rice), egg and corned beef, I also chose an array of pastries and French toast plus a bowl of warm congee shared with Bub who was in a good mood after a good night’s sleep.


Bub excited for breakfast
A Filipino/Continental brekky

“Now we relax”, I declared as we made our way towards the swimming pools trying to find some empty banana lounges to put our stuff on. We had not planned anything that day apart from staying at the resort and enjoying what it had to offer. The heat from the sun was coming off strong and it wasn’t even 11am and so we found a section of a swimming pool that was shaded by a few tall coconut trees. We were all wearing our rash guards including Bub who was looking adorable in her pink ensemble with a cute pineapple print at the front. Sunscreen was put on earlier in our room. It was time to swim! The water was warm, perfect temperature for swimming.

Bub with her Lola (Grandma)
Swimming time!
Mum look at me! – Bub

Loving the water
Cutie pie

Just before lunch time, it was time to head back to our room as the heat intensified. After changing into some dry clothes, I alone went hunting for a new restaurant to try. Holding my white umbrella (courtesy of the hotel) over my head as shade from the sun, I walked toward the street from last night trying to remember the restaurants we passed by. I ended up at Binalot, a Filipino takeaway, its name translate to “wrapped” or “wrapped food”. The food they served came wrapped in banana leaves. Wifey was craving fish and we thought if we bought some at a takeaway restaurant it would be a lot cheaper but alas! They were out of stock. I instead ordered grilled eggplant, pinakbet (vegetable stew with shrimp paste), salted egg and tomato plus a serving of sisig on rice which is crispy pig’s face (yum!) and liver served on a sizzling plate drenched in mayo, calamansi (calamondin citrus) and chilli peppers.

At Binalot

As I laid out the wrapped parcels on the table, the appetising smell filled the room. One by one we opened each packet revealing the delicious meal inside. The bright green banana leaf served as our plates. We were given cutlery however binalot is best eaten with your hands and so that is what we used instead. It was one of the most satisfying meals we have had in our trip so far. A nap was needed after that.

Unwrapping the parcels
Let’s eat!

Late in the afternoon, the idea of catching another sunset was just too good to miss and so we headed to Alona Beach once again for a stroll and some picture taking. A lot of people had the same idea, the beach abuzz with activity. The sky slowly turned from blue to pink and I knew it had to be captured on camera.

We’re off for an afternoon walk
Sunset about to start
Alona Beach

Sari sari store
Shells for sale

It’s starting

Jeep at the beach

So pink
Getting darker

While Wifey, Bub and my mother-in-law got cosy back in our room, I was once again out in the warm humid night ordering food to go. I stumbled upon Payag Restaurant (payag in Cebuano means hut or cottage). Fish soup was on the menu (fish finally!) plus adobong kangkong (water spinach in soy sauce) and grilled chicken with rice. Another delicious meal ending the evening.

Payag Restaurant
Fish soup, adobong kangkong and grilled chicken
Nip slip


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